RAD Documents

Here you can download important documents about RAD

Values Statement

What are RAD’s values, and how do we put these into practice in what we do?

Annual Report and Accounts

The audited accounts of RAD can be viewed here or obtained by contacting the Finance Officer, RAD, Century House South, Riverside Office Centre, North Station Road, Colchester, Essex, C01 1RE.

Report and Finanical Statements 2017
Report and Financial Statements 2016
Report and Financial Statements 2015
Report and Financial Statements 2014
Report and Financial Statements 2013
Report and Financial Statements 2012

Annual Reviews

Download RAD’s current and previous Annual Reviews:

RAD Annual Review 2016
RAD Annual Review 2015
RAD Annual Review 2014
RAD Annual Review 2013
RAD Annual Review 2012
RAD Annual Review 2011

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2017-2022

Strategic Plan 2017-2022 summary

Reports published by RAD:

Older Deaf People and Social Care – A Review

Organisation Charts

Main Organisation Chart

Team organisation charts:

Services Directorate Organisation Chart
Finance and Administration Organisation Chart
Communication Services Organisation Chart


The Constitution of RAD is called the Articles of Association