Help with benefits assessments in BSL


Benefit assessments can sometimes be confusing and worrying. Often information and guidance is not in British Sign Language and there are forms that need completing; sometimes within a time limit.

Some people are reluctant to start the process or do not complete their application which means they miss out on the support they may be eligible for. In some instances people find the stress of the process means they forget to provide information.  What does this mean? The assessor making the decision does not get a full and accurate picture of the person’s situation and therefore the assessment cannot be made accurately.

If you live in an area where RAD delivers Information, Advice and Guidance you can request support from one of our advisors.  He/she will help you with your benefits application and also support you to prepare for the assessment process (click here to see if we cover your area).

If you have already been through the process and have been told you are not eligible for a benefit and you want to challenge this decision, our Advocacy team may be able to support you. Advocates support people to speak up for themselves, or speak up on their behalf.  We may be able to support you to challenge a benefit decision.

One of our partners, seAp has created  a web-app that offer guidance, advice and support on most aspects of the application process for both Employment Support Allowance (ESA) and Personal Independent Payments (PIP).

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You can also have a practice – with sample questions you may be asked by an assessor.  These are free for anyone to use and both videos have BSL signed versions. (Click here for to access the app).