Queen’s Hospital, Romford is awarded the first Deaf-Aware Hospital Quality Mark by Royal Association for Deaf people

The Royal Association for Deaf people (RAD) was delighted to present the first Deaf-Aware Hospital Quality Mark to Queen’s Hospital, Romford on Monday 22nd May.

RAD is committed to providing services for Deaf people in their first language and helping mainstream services to become more accessible to the Deaf community. This Quality Mark has been developed to improve access to health provision for Deaf patients.

Reports have highlighted that poor communication may lead to ineffective treatment, which in addition to being costly to the NHS, has a negative impact on a Deaf persons health and well-being.

The collaborative work between RAD and Queen’s Hospital to achieve the Deaf-Aware Quality Mark will lead to a decreased risk of mental ill-health linked to isolation and an increase in the general well-being of Deaf patients.

Jeff Buggle, acting Chief Executive at the Trust, said: ‘I’m really proud that we’ve become the first hospital in the country to receive this Quality Mark, and I hope many more follow in our footsteps. We’ve made lots of improvement, many of them really simple things, but they make such a difference. I’ve been so pleased to hear from members of our own Deaf access group about how much they value the work we’ve been doing. We know there’s still more to do, and that’s why our next step is to achieve this quality mark for King George Hospital.’

There are three standards that Queen’s Hospital had to achieve to be awarded the Deaf-Aware Hospital Quality Mark:

Accessibility – Focuses on the personnel and equipment provisions within the hospital environment linked to reasonable adjustments under the Equality Act 2010
Communication – Focuses on Deaf awareness and adequate communication provisions
Equality – Focuses on developing equality between Deaf and hearing patients with regards to services provided by the hospital and other service providers working within the hospital

Dr. Jan Sheldon, CEO, Royal Association for Deaf people says ‘We are delighted to award the first Deaf-Aware Quality Mark for hospitals to Queen’s Hospital, Romford. The Patient Experience team have worked hard to ensure that staff are Deaf aware and that Deaf patients receive accessible services. Queen’s Hospital truly demonstrates that they provide equality for Deaf patients and we hope that other hospitals will follow their lead.’

RAD’s Quality Marks acknowledge organisations and businesses that have made their services accessible to Deaf people.

RAD is currently developing a Deaf-Aware GP Quality Mark to continue our work in improving access to health provision for Deaf patients.

Do you want to work with RAD to make your organisation more accessible to Deaf people?

Contact Russell Cooke, Community Development Manager to learn more about our Deaf-Aware Quality Marks.