Royal Association for Deaf people’s response to the London Assembly report ‘Mental Health – disabled and Deaf people’

On Wednesday 11th April, the London Assembly’s Health Committee published the report: Mental Health – Disabled and Deaf people.

Our Chief Executive, Dr. Jan Sheldon, was invited to appear on London Live to discuss the topic: Is  London’s deaf community getting the mental health support they need? The below clip features subtitles, go to Settings to display subtitles.

During the interview, Dr. Jan Sheldon, highlighted three key areas where the report could have gone further:

Greater emphasis on preventative services
RAD believes that providing better access to information, advice and guidance could avoid misdiagnoses, promote better health outcomes, and reduce the need for Deaf people to access acute Mental Health services.

Greater emphasis on services being delivered in a Deaf person’s first language
RAD encourages all services to be delivered in a Deaf person’s first or preferred language. Deaf people achieve better health outcomes and respond more positively to therapy when the professional is able to communicate directly and understands their culture.

Encourage more joined up commissioning across all London boroughs
RAD works alongside Deaf people to address major inequalities in all aspects of everyday living. The current commissioning model means that Deaf people are subject to a postcode lottery when accessing services. RAD believes that this needs to improve.

The full programme can be viewed at the following link: London Live.

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