Royal Association for Deaf people launches a new 5 year Strategic Plan based on feedback from Deaf people

Together with Deaf people; creating a better, more accessible future

During 2016, Royal Association for Deaf people worked in partnership with Manchester University to develop an evidence-based understanding of the needs of Deaf people in the short, medium and longer term.

Deaf people told us that they were happy with the range of services we deliver but not so happy about what they consider to be the postcode lottery of provision. This is usually the result of Local Authorities having different priorities and significant funding constraints. It is our plan, longer term to address these inequalities.

Deaf people told us about the frustrations they experience with mainstream services, some being more accessible than others. We will work hard over the next 5 years to support mainstream providers to be more accessible to Deaf people.

Our new Strategic Plan also focuses on making sure that we are financially healthy by 2022 and that we are an employer of choice.

Within our Strategic Plan, we have identified 4 key ambitions which we will achieve over the next five years:

  1. To deliver the services Deaf people want and need
  2. To support mainstream providers to be accessible to Deaf people  
  3. To ensure financial sustainability  
  4. To be an exemplary employer

Chief Executive, Dr Jan Sheldon explains, “Our Strategic Plan for 2017- 2022 is based upon the results of our Manchester University research and the development of our investment plans. It is a strategy which will meet the needs of Deaf people and ensure the longer term sustainability of the charity.”

Download a full version here: Strategic Plan 2017-2022

View a summary of the main points here:  Strategic Plan 2017-2022 summary