How We Do It

We deliver advocacy independently and in partnership with other providers, where our organisations have synergy and common values. We work with local specialist providers to ensure everyone receives quality advocacy that meets their individual needs.

Our service can be delivered through local authority contracts, personal budgets and one-off spot-purchase agreements with partners, self-funders, Local Authorities and professionals where a Deaf Advocate with specialist skills is required.

Click here for an example of our advocacy work Essex Advocacy link.

We gather and monitor feedback from the people we support and other stakeholders as part of our quality assurance processes. It is important that people tell us what they think. Feedback is used to continually improve and develop our services. If you would like to provide feedback on our services, please click here.

On receiving a referral, an Advocate will take time to better understand an individual’s needs/wishes and each case will be matched appropriately to a member of our team.

Our advocates always follow their Code of Practice (see attached).

Deaf Culture & Community