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RAD Communication Professional Safety Policy

The focus of this policy is the safety of Communication Professionals (CPs) who undertake assignments for RAD Interpreting.

  • CPs interact with clients in a variety of situations and there is a potential of risk to CPs who may inadvertently become a target for aggression and/or violence.
  • All CPs engaged by RAD Interpreting can and should intervene to correct adverse working conditions and inappropriate or threatening conduct. All bookings can (and should be) terminated in the event that personal safety is compromised.
  • This policy gives information on the protocol that should be followed in the event that a CP is the victim of aggression and/or violence.
  • RAD Interpreting takes the personal safety of CPs seriously and has a duty of care to ensure that the risk of harm is mitigated as much as possible.  CPs should be constantly aware of personal safety and should take steps to minimise as much risk as possible:
  • If undertaking an assignment in a client’s home always arrange to wait outside for the visiting professional to arrive before entering – RAD Interpreting will ensure that the contact number for the visiting professional is added to the booking form
  • Consider personal safety when travelling to and from an assignment – by parking in ‘safe’ areas, not taking shortcuts through alleys, darkened streets or deserted areas.  If travelling to and from an unsafe area by public transport, consider calling ahead to the venue to arrange a pick-up or booking a taxi (please contact the agency if this is needed)
  • Never be left alone with clients
  • Take advice on minimising risk and enhancing personal safety
  • Communicate any concerns or fears about a client or venue to the contact at the venue or RAD Interpreting as soon as possible
  • RAD Interpreting will ensure that CPs are informed (at the point of booking) when undertaking assignments with clients who are known to have a history of violent behaviour (to themselves or others).

In the event that an incident takes place:

  • The CP should (if it is safe to do so) leave the situation immediately.  If help from the emergency services is needed a call should be made.  RAD Interpreting should be contacted at the earliest possibility – regardless of the time of day
  • RAD Interpreting will start an immediate investigation of all reported acts of violence and/or aggression against CPs  and will aim to complete this within one month of an incident
  • The CP will be asked to provide, as soon as is possible, a written statement of fact (this document should outline when/where the incident took place, who was involved and what happened)
  • RAD Interpreting will inform the service provider/commissioner of the details of the incident
  • A Risk Assessment will be undertaken before any CP is sent on future assignments – to the venue, with the client etc…
  • Once complete, RAD Interpreting will feedback to all parties and will meet with the service provider/commissioner before continuing to provide a service

Post incident support:

RAD Interpreting will provide opportunities for the CP to offload and debrief with the Head of Interpreting – this will be offered by the Booking Co-ordinators

If in the course of the investigation it becomes apparent that an incident is due to lack of skill/ competency on the part of the CP, RAD Interpreting will ask the CP to attend a skills assessment with a freelance assessor and the Head of Interpreting

In the event that the CP wishes to pursue criminal or civil action, RAD Interpreting will support the CP by providing investigation notes.



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Recognising the importance and value of professional support to freelance Communication Professionals, RAD Interpreting has developed a mentoring service, using ASLI Trained Mentors.

The service can be accessed:

  • Face: face – at a mutually agreeable location
  • By telephone
  • Via webcam

Details of this service and fees are available on request, please email us.

Further information on the purpose and benefits of mentoring can be found at ASLI – Mentoring

Register With Us


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Committed to providing a high quality service to the Deaf community, RAD Interpreting only uses NRCPD Communication Professionals.  If you are a freelance Communication Professional and would like to register with us, please download and complete our registration pack.
Registration packs are also available from our coordination office – please contact us for more details:
Tel: 0300 688 2626
Fax: 0300 688 2526
Textphone: 0300 688 2527
SMS/Mobile: 07974 325563
Once completed, you should send your form to the following freepost address:

Royal Association for Deaf People
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