What People Say About Us?

Feedback on a BSL/English Interpreter provided to Kent Police for an interview involving a child:

“I would just like to take this opportunity to compliment the interpreter with her assistance in an interview with a young person.  All too often professionals lack an understanding of the process or have a pragmatic approach to an investigation, however the interpreter had previously worked with the victim and was able to provide an understanding of the behaviour and more importantly provided an understanding of what was being disclosed.

For me it felt like I was a five year old watching “Playschool” again because the interpreter was so visual and enthusiastic in the way they interpreted. It meant that the disclosure could be explained and in turn the investigation concluded and the victim could rebuild their life.”


Feedback on the Interpreting Co-ordinators from a secondary school in Essex:

“Thank you for the great service you provide. It is only our third time using your services but you always email me back within good time and the interpreters are always on time/if not early.  We are so impressed with your service and want you to know that.”


Feedback from an organisation regarding RAD Interpreting’s service:

“Since being appointed as an interpreting provider to the INTRAN Partnership, RAD has delivered a very high quality, effective and professional service which has supported the residents of Essex.”


Matthew Packer, INTRAN Operations Manager:

“INTRAN values RAD’s emphasis of providing qualified and experienced, locally based interpreters.”


We value feedback from all our customers on all aspects of our service; from using our booking service to your experience of using your Communication Professional. Your feedback is used to continually monitor the quality of the services we provide and, where necessary, make improvements.

We have 3 feedback forms available for download:

  1. User feedback form – This form is aimed at the end users of our service, d/Deaf and hearing. A largeprint user feedback form is also available.
  1. Referrer feedback form – This form is aimed at the person who made the booking on behalf of the end users.
  1. Freelance Communication Professional feedback form – This form is for our freelance CPs to let us know about their experience of working with us.

All of our feedback forms are written in Word format and are available for download.

There are a number of ways in which the completed forms can be returned to us:

(a) Post to our freepost address – you do not need a stamp; we will pay for the postage:

Royal Association for Deaf People
Century House South
Riverside Office Centre
North Station Road
Colchester, Essex

(b) Attach the completed word document to an email and send it to feedback@royaldeaf.org.uk

(c) Fax the completed form to 0300 688 2526