Who We Are

What we do

We deliver advice face to face and via webcam in British Sign Language (BSL), we are also able to adjust our communication to meet the varying needs of the people we support.

We advise on topics such as benefits, housing and council services and also support people to understand complex written communication which can be extremely challenging for someone who uses a visual language as their preferred method of communication.

We also help with:

  • Form filling
  • Making contact with services (including councils)
  • Accessing mainstream services
  • Signposting to other RAD services
  • Accessing interpreters
  • Understanding your rights

Advice services are held in various parts of the United Kingdom (UK), please see the link below for locations including dates and times. We also deliver services via webcam.

In situations where additional support is required we are able to refer to RAD’s other teams/services such as The Money Advice Service, Social Care, Advocacy, Employment or Children, Family and Transition.

Who are we?

All our Specialist Advice Workers are Deaf themselves or fluent in BSL and are able to adjust their communication to meet the needs of the people we work with.

We have robust core training including; Induction, Safeguarding, IAG (level 3), Supervision, First Aid and tailored Continuous Professional Development (CPD) which enables people to achieve their full potential and meet the specific needs of the service.

We ensure we are up to date with current working practices and legislation (and how this impacts on our IAG service) through our involvement in various partnerships and stakeholder groups.