Who We Are

What we do

Growing up in a hearing world can be challenging for a young D/deaf person. Leaving school or college can be a daunting experience with lots of different choices and important decisions to make.

Our programmes can offer stability and a supportive and safe environment in order that young people can confidently develop their own identity. We aim to support this transition period for every D/deaf young person through an array of accessible projects providing an environment for young D/deaf people to build friendships, gain valuable life skills and confidence whilst developing language skills for their journey into adulthood.

We offer D/deaf specific clubs and activities for young people wishing to build their D/deaf peer connections and social circles as well as providing communication support for those accessing mainstream alternatives.

As young D/deaf people mature and their confidence develops they may become our young D/deaf ambassadors, mentors, volunteers and youth committee members; offering shared experiences, encouragement and reassurance to their younger peers.

We provide group sessions and one-to-one support for those generally looking to improve their lives, up-skill, increase independence, build confidence and improve their social networks. We work with those who have become disengaged or require additional support and are committed to ensuring that young D/deaf people have a voice; enabling them to make informed choices/decisions.

At the heart of all our Youth and Transition service planning are the young D/deaf people themselves. Supported by our regular steering groups we have been able to develop services including youth clubs, specialist advice sessions, well-being in education and employability projects for young people.

Through guidance and mentoring, we encourage young D/deaf people to recognise their strengths, raise their expectations and achieve their aspirations. As a result, we are able to support individuals along their personal journey of achievement and have seen many young people flourish into positive role models; making a meaningful contribution to the communities in which they live and excelling beyond their own expectations.

Who are we?

We are a skilled, experienced active team who enjoy working alongside D/deaf young people and their families. We engage and support D/deaf young people by understanding their needs and respecting their wishes. You may see us at a school, in our youth hub, at an advice session or event/activity; on a sailing trip, up a climbing wall or playing sport.

Everyone in our Youth and Transition Team are either Deaf themselves or fluent in British Sign Language (BSL). We are skilled at meeting the varying communication needs of deaf children and parents who use sign language or other methods of visual/oral communication.

We have robust core training including; Induction, Supervision, Safeguarding, Information., Advice and Guidance (IAG) (level 3), Safe Handling, First Aid and tailored Continuous Professional Development (CPD) that enables people to achieve their full potential and meet the specific needs of the service. We ensure we are up to date with current working practices and legislation (and how this impacts on our service) through our involvement in various partnerships and stakeholder groups.

We are members of Partnership for Young London; www.partnershipforyounglondon.org.uk and Youth Access. http://www.youthaccess.org.uk/.

Our young people supported the Youth Access Just Rights campaign earlier this year through the making of a promotional video, www.justrights.org – campaigning for fair access to advice for children and young people.