Leaving a Gift in your Will

“A gift in your will can make an enormous difference to Deaf children and adults.”.

Writing your will can be one of the most inspiring things you ever do. It allows you to remember your loved ones and to keep making a difference after you are no longer here. Remembering RAD in your will by leaving a gift or a legacy will truly help transform the lives of Deaf children and adults. Making a decision today will change the tomorrows of Deaf children and adults. Every legacy we receive enables us to plan RAD’s future services and activities with complete commitment. Every gift really does make a difference

How RAD uses gifts and legacies in wills

Every Deaf child or adult deserves the support they need to ensure they can lead the brightest, most independent lives possible.

With a gift in your will you can help a Deaf child or adult fulfil their potential whether it be through providing communication support, emotional support, helping them find employment, providing vital life skills training and work-shops, taking part in children’s holidays and activities.. your gift can help change the course of a Deaf persons life.

Emma’s story: Why I’m leaving a gift in my will for RAD

“When I was three, I was diagnosed as hard of hearing, as time went by I progressively lost my hearing totally. I felt isolated and no one really understood my needs. I learnt about RAD services and I came to them and joined some of the RAD activities. As I grew up RAD helped me to get ready for employment and they have supported me in my work. Without their support I wouldn’t be the person I am today; they’ve made such a difference to my life and I want to help them to help others like me in the future.”

How do I leave a gift in my will?

You need a will to leave a gift or legacy. We recommend using a qualified solicitor to make a will or to amend an existing will. You can find a solicitor using the Law Society’s website.
There are three main types of gift you can choose to leave;

Residuary gift: once any specific amounts of money and items that you want to leave – like a house, land, jewellery or a painting have been given to your family and friends, anything left over is called the residue of your estate. You can leave part or all of this residue to RAD. This can be the best way to leave a gift because as a portion or percentage of your estate, it should retain its value over the years

Pecuniary gift: this is a gift of a fixed sum of money.

Specific gift: this is a gift of a ‘thing’ like an antique, a piece of furniture, a house, some land, a car or some jewellery. If you leave a specific item to RAD, we will sell it to turn it into funds to support Deaf children and adults.