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Our people

The people in TeamRAD are our organisation’s strongest asset.

Celebrating deaf culture, language, identity, community, heritage and diversity is an essential part of what we do.  We work with deaf people to create a better, more accessible future.  We are proud of our heritage, and passionate about making sure that RAD continues to develop so that it remains relevant to needs and aspirations of deaf people.

Our staff, volunteers, trustees and ambassadors are fundamental to our success.

In this section you can find out more about our trustees, management team and ambassadors.

Our trustees

Find out who is on our board of trustees and learn about their backgrounds.

You can also read our Articles of Association, which outlines the purpose of our organisation and the responsibilities of the trustees and staff.

The board of trustees has governance responsibility, with overall accountability for RAD’s strategic direction, our resources and the activities we undertake in the pursuit of RAD’s charitable objectives.

The trustees are all volunteers who contribute a huge amount of time and a range of expertise to RAD.

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Our management team

Find out about our management team and learn about their backgrounds.

Our management team consists of our executive team and operational managers.

Our executive team works with our board of trustees to set and put into operation our strategic direction. They oversee the operational managers who are responsible for our day-to-day operations, and the effective delivery of our services.

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Our ambassadors

Find out about our ambassadors, learn about their backgrounds and why they have chosen to support RAD.

Our ambassadors are an essential part of our work – they support the promotion of our organisation by increasing public awareness and helping us to continue to raise vital funds to support our work.

Our ambassadors are all volunteers who very generously donate their time, profile and support to RAD.

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