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Technomask – transparent and reusable face covering


Now on sale – transparent and reusable face covering.  £16.50 including postage and packaging (first class delivery – UK).

We are now all becoming used to wearing face coverings and doing what we can to follow government guidance and keep other people safe. The importance of facial expression and the ability to lip-read has never been more critical (or challenging) for deaf people.

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with Technomask, the manufacturers of completely transparent face coverings that are:

  • hygienic
  • breathable
  • water repellent
  • reusable
  • made of a certified synthetic fibre (no silicone), soft material comfortable on the skin (no sweating)
  • ergonomically cut and stylish / adapts to every outfit
  • can be easily disinfected with spray at every moment during the day
  • washable with soap under cold running water
  • does not sit directly on the nose (leaves more room for breathing) and mouth (avoids CO2-inhaling)

Technomasks are not approved PPE but are a comfortable, sustainable and accessible way to stay safe and follow government guidance.

They also come in three sizes. To choose the right size for you, please measure the width of your face as shown in the image.


  • Small (child) – 12cm
  • Medium – 14cm
  • Large – 16cm

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What types of masks are there?

- All masks are often called protective masks. However, a distinction should be made between medical masks with mouth-nose protection and respiratory masks.

- Medical masks are mainly used to protect the environment from the germs that the wearer could spread, for instance by breathing or sneezing. Respiratory masks, on the other hand, are to protect the wearer from airborne pollutants, such as viruses.

- Respiratory masks can be split into different groups. For protection against viruses and microorganisms, masks with a particle filter are generally suitable. These include so-called particle filtering half masks, better known as FFP masks (FFP = filtering facepiece).

- There are three levels of protection with FFP masks: FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3. The WHO and the Robert Koch Institute recommend at least FFP2 protection for the medical sector.

 How does the Technomask™ look like?

- The mask is a transparent mouth-nose protector made with a slightly breathable membrane of polyurethane; this type of mask is also generally known as a universal face mask.

- The material is soft and light, it can be worn throughout the day without any problems, it does not cause the wearer to sweat.

- It has an ergonomic cut, is water-repellent, slightly elastic and adaptable to the face.

- It is friendly to the skin and adheres well to it; it contains no silicone.

- The mask can be disinfected and hand washed using soap and running water.

- This is not a medical product and is not classed as personal protective equipment (PPE).

 What is the purpose of the mask?

- The mask is designed to reduce the spread of droplets when sneezing, coughing or talking.

- At the same time, wearing the mask reduces the contact made by the wearers with their own hands with the area around the mouth and nose, which also minimises the transmission of the disease.

- The mask protects the area around the mouth and nose, has a very good fit and is comfortable to wear, thus promoting well-being. The mask is not perceived as an external object.

- Although the mask is not a prevention or guarantee to avoid the virus, when used correctly it does reduce the risk of spreading and infection.

Does the mask steam up?

 Yes, the mask can steam up if there is a sudden change of temperature or intense physical activity, e.g. while jogging etc.

What can I do about it?

- Apply dishwashing liquid or liquid soap to the mask. Spread the soap with the help of a moistened cleaning cloth for glasses. After a short time, gently polish the mask until it is clear again. The soap film should not be rinsed off again, as it takes away the surface tension and no water vapour can now settle on the mask.

- An anti-fog spray provides a coating on the surface so that condensation droplets do not stick on it, which should stop the mask from steaming up. The spray is available from specialist opticians. The mask should be cleaned beforehand to remove dust particles.

In which sizes is the mask available?

There are three sizes:

- Small (12 cm) for children

- Medium (14 cm) and Large (16 cm) for adults

Intermittent sizes (i.e. 13 and 15 cm) will be made available in the near future.

To work out your suitable size, measure the distance between your ear and the top of your nose, as shown in this image

How does the donation scheme work?

- We donate one percent of revenue from the sale of our masks to a charitable organisation. For the UK, our chosen organisation is the Royal Association for Deaf people (RAD).

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