Partner Organisations

Partnerships are fundamental to the successful delivery of accessible services. We value our partners and adopt a focussed and proactive approach to partnership working.

Who are our partners?

Our services span a variety of sectors such as social care, health, children and young people and Welfare to Work. In order for us to deliver our specialist services we need to work with other organisations through various partnership models. Partnerships offer us the opportunity to bid for a wider range of funding which increases the likelihood of securing the best possible range of services for Deaf people.

We often partner with mainstream organisations to help to make sure mainstream services are accessible to Deaf people.

We also work with partners to extend our geographical reach to help to ensure more Deaf people can access our services. Where good quality local providers (of services to Deaf people) exist, we work together where possible. Co-working with local Deaf organisations that have local knowledge and trust in the local community means we are able to work together to deliver high quality person centred services that meet commissioning requirements.

Our partnership offer

As a partner we make a commitment to our prime contractor, lead partner or consortium members to:

  • Meet our contractual obligations
  • Provide first class person centred services
  • Adhere to relevant quality standards
  • Provide timely and accurate monitoring
  • Actively seek feedback from those who we support
  • Bring added value through our range of services
  • Appoint appropriately qualified and experienced people
  • Support other partners where required in an effort to improve overall service standards
  • Adhere to data protection and confidentiality requirements

We are continually expanding our partnership links in all areas of the UK and across all service strands. If you are interested in working with us please contact