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Katie and Hanna’s Story

Running at Royal Parks Half Marathon in aid of RAD

Katie Waller and Hanna Grimson registered their interest in running the Royal Parks Half Marathon via our website. Katie and Hanna were both very enthusiastic about the opportunity and couldn’t wait to start training. Throughout the run-up to the event, they were very excited and energised, and despite some minor injuries, they were looking forward to the big day.

We went along to support Katie and her running companion Hannah at the Marathon and really enjoyed tracing their progress using the event app. We tried to be at various points along the way to cheer them on with our RAD banner. The atmosphere during the day was amazing with not even the rain dampening the mood or runners’ spirits. It was great to greet Katie and Hanna at the end of the race, they were both exhausted, but also elated from their achievement. Here’s what Katie and Hanna shared with us just after they finished the Half Marathon.

  1. Why did you decide to take part in the Royal Parks Half Marathon this year?

Katie: I wanted to run for RAD to raise money and awareness for the charity.

Hanna:  I am only in London (from Australia) for a few months, and I thought this would be a beautiful way to see the city and experience what a big community event in London felt like (and it did not disappoint)! Also, I’m working on improving my fitness and it was a personal goal of mine to complete a half marathon this year to see how I had progressed

  1. What made you choose RAD to fundraise for?

Katie: I’m hard of hearing and charities such as RAD are very close to my heart. In the future, my hearing loss may lead to Deafness and RAD does such good work with tailored support for Deaf people.

Hanna: RAD seems like an awesome organisation, I think the work it does is really important and I wanted to help continue that work! 

  1. Do you have any personal experience of Deafness?

Katie: I have hearing loss which seems to be worsening. I recently passed my BSL Level 1 and this Autumn I will be starting my Level 2. Sign language is really important to me. I have been teaching my boyfriend George and other family members, just in case I need it in the future.

Hanna: My younger sister is Deaf, and we grew up signing at home and the Deaf community and Australian based Deaf organisations have been a really important part of our lives. Both in this context and in my work as a doctor I have seen how important things such as having adequate interpreting services can be and I wanted to do a small part to boost the funds RAD has to provide this and many other important services to the local community here. 

  1. Can you describe your training regime pre-race?

Katie: I took shorter practice runs leading up to the race with a couple of rest days before the event to ensure I didn’t gain any injuries beforehand. I ate well and had plenty of sleep. I made sure I had a very good warm up before the race to avoid injury.

Hanna: Well… I did two 10km runs this year, and have recently started doing Park Run every Saturday morning. Next time I will definitely do a few more long runs in the lead up I think – that last 5km was a mission

  1. What is your favourite London landmark and why?

Katie: I enjoyed the parks themselves, especially Hyde Park – such beautiful green areas are welcome in a busy bustling city like London.

Hanna: I think my favourite London landmark would have to be the Globe! I love the walk along the water and letting myself slip back into the history of the place. 

Katie and Hannah raised just under £1,000 for RAD – which is absolutely amazing! These fundraising activities mean a lot to RAD as, not only do they help us financially, making sure that we continue to provide our valuable services to the Deaf Community, they also raise our profile and encourage other supporters to take on fundraising events.

If you are interested in taking on a fundraising challenge, please contact our Fundraising Team –

Do you want to help us create a better future for Deaf children and adults?

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