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Stefania’s Story


Stefania Bella first contacted RAD via the EU Settlement Scheme project back in August 2019. She wanted advice on what the EU Settlement Scheme was as she didn’t understand the jargon and how the process works. Stefania is Italian and her husband and child are both British.

As she was unable to meet with an advisor face-to-face, she made a skype appointment. The advisor provided general information on the EU Settlement Scheme and Stefania asked lots of questions to clarify about the process. Stefania felt confident enough to try to complete the steps herself and said she would get in contact if she needed more support.

Stefania made a second skype appointment for the advisor to go through the steps and to translate questions into BSL. The application was completed.

For the final appointment, the advisor translated the email  confirming Stefania’s ‘Settled Status’. Stefania was relieved and thankful to have support via Skype because there were  no services available locally to support Deaf people with this scheme. 

If you are Deaf and a EU, EEA or Swiss citizen who needs help with EU Settlement Application, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Are you Deaf and an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen looking for help with your EU Settlement Scheme?

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