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Did you know the average Deaf child leaves secondary school with a reading age of 9? Can you imagine trying to be able to follow a lesson when the teacher is talking with their back to you while writing on the board? There are actually around 41,000 Deaf children in England. Around 85% are taught in mainstream schools and not all schools are able to provide the support they need. Deafness is not a learning disability but sometimes can be managed as if it was one

Can you imagine a job suddenly being unavailable when a prospective employer finds out you’re Deaf? When it comes to adulthood, the majority of Deaf employees have experienced discrimination during their career. This has led to one in four Deaf people leaving a job because of a difficult environment. Discrimination is most likely to come from colleagues and then from management. More than one third of Deaf jobseekers have faced discrimination as early as the interview stage.

Our mission is to create a better future for these children and adults by providing the vital services and support when they need them, giving them the chance to develop their full potential. Will you join us?